Land Rover is the acknowledged world leader in 4x4 technology, and our brand is a byword for rugged yet luxurious dependability. In appointing newcomers to the network we look for those that will protect and strengthen our enviable reputation for product excellence. No one plays a more pivotal role in this than the technicians that service our customers’ vehicles. Our programme for service technician apprentices is unrivalled in its detail, embracing everything from vehicle systems basics to the latest electronics systems and their diagnostics.

Quick Facts

Duration 3 Years up to a maximum of 4 years.
Qualifications > Qualified Motor Mechanic
> Key Skills Certificate
Location Training slots at the LR Training Academy / Practical Weeks at LR Dealerships
Training Combination of theoretical and practical classroom/ workshop training
Assistance > Mentor at dealership
> Regular visits from representative
Grade 12

Today's apprentice; tomorrow's manager

The qualifications you'll earn as a Land Rover Apprentice are nationally recognised you can take them anywhere. But most Land Rover Apprentices choose to stay and instead make their move up the dealer network's career ladder. Many of our Master Technicians are ex-apprentices. Plenty of service managers and even Dealer Principals did their time too. And if you've got it in you, we'll help you make it all the way to the top. There's nothing to stop you realising your ambitions.

Benefits you won't find anywhere else

Right from the get-go, you'll know you're in safe hands with Land Rover. We'll help you find your feet with an induction programme that includes a visit to The Academy. You'll be proud to be a Land Rover dealer advanced apprentice.

Three to Four years training - and that's only the beginning

Our programme for Service Technician Apprentices is the best there is. Formal training takes place in regular weeklong blocks at The Academy, where you'll start by learning the basics of vehicle operation before being coached in the workings of ever more complex automotive systems as you progress through the course. You'll work with the latest Land Rover cars, vehicle systems and technical equipment (training is very 'hands-on'), and be coached by expert instructors / assessors assigned exclusively to the apprentice programme.

At your dealership you'll be under the wing of an experienced Technician, who'll guide your day-to-day development and help you put into practice the maintenance, repair and diagnostic skills taught at The Academy. And an instructor / assessor will visit often to assist and chase you to keep up the studies! Thorough it most certainly is; cushy it definitely is not. 1480 hours of studies is the norm for those that pass (as 19 out of every 20 do). And even then the training never ends. Land Rover Technicians are also coached and assessed regularly to ensure they're keeping pace with product developments, so we're looking for a lifelong commitment to personal development.


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