An Innovative Approach to Sustainability

The innovation and forward thinking synonymous with Land Rover, also shapes our sustainability strategy – we call this Our Planet. This strategy covers four key areas that are designed to reduce our impact on the environment, support conservation and humanitarian partnerships and includes one of the world’s most comprehensive CO 2 offset programmes.
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E-Terrain Technologies

Our Aim of Reducing Emissions
Through a series of measures that includes advanced propulsion technologies, lightweight materials, and our stop/startsystem, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our vehicles. We also have a joint investment of some £800 million that will help us to lower our fleet average CO 2 emissions by around 25% within five years...... more

Conservation & Humanitarian Programmes

Land Rover works closely with five key conservation partners, actively supporting projects and fundraising activities around the world. We’re proud of our association with Biosphere Expeditions, Born Free Foundation, China Exploration; Research Society, Earthwatch Institute and the Royal Geographical Society, and what we’ve achieved together.

In addition, Land Rover’s association with the Red Cross also goes back a long way; Since November 2007 Land Rover has given over £2.5million worth of support to the Red Cross, Red Crescent Movement, including vehicle donations, funds raised and gifts in kind.  The support is ongoing..... more

CO2 Offsetting

Taking CO2 out of our atmosphere
We offset 100% of our manufacturing assembly CO2 emissions at our UK factories in Solihull and Halewood. In addition, we enable our customers to offset their driving emissions for the first 45,000 miles/72,000km for new Land Rovers sold in participating countries...... more

Sustainable Manufacturing

Finding mew ways to be more efficient
We are constantly introducing new initiatives to help reduce waste and improve utilisation of the resources we use in manufacturing. Every measure we adopt helps in driving down both CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions across our operations......more


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